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Every one thousand years, one hundred mamodo descend upon earth to conduct the ultimate battle. The winning mamodo becomes the mighty king of the mamodo world. There is only one problem - in order for the mamodo to use their powerful spell books, the mamodo need a human partner. If his spell book is destroyed, the mamodo loses his battle. Upon defeat, the mamodo disintegrates and returns to the mamodo world.
Kiyo is a brilliant but aloof 14-year-old boy in junior high school. While exploring a rainforest in England, Kiyo's archaeologist father discovers Zatch, an unconscious mamodo child. He sends the goodhearted and mysterious Zatch to be his son's mentor. Zatch has amnesia; he does not have any idea that he is a powerful mamodo! It is up to Kiyo and Zatch to discover this together.
The unsuspecting Zatch and Kiyo must defend themselves against the relentless ambush of mamodo-king wannabees. And unbeknownst to the attackers, Zatch and Kiyo have formed a special bond which enables them to unleash Zatch's incredible powers.

>>>kyio and zatch bell<<<<


Japanese names: Gash Bell and Kiyomaro Takamine

Spellbook color: Red

Spell power: Electricity/Lightning

  • Zaker: Shoots a blast of lightning from his mouth. (Attack)
  • Rashield: An obelisk-like shielding barrier rises to not only protect Zatch from any projectile spell, but it deflects that same spell right back at the original spellcaster or mamodo with an electric charge. (Defense)
  • Jikerdor: A ball of energy that appears in midair causes the opposing mamodo to be stuck to any type of metal around, leaving the mamodo unable to attack. (Immobilization)
  • Bao Zakerga: Creates a giant dragon made of lightning. (Attack)
  • Zakerga: A more powerful version of Zaker. (Attack)
  • Raozaruk: Makes Zatch faster and more powerful for a certain amount of time. (Assist)
  • Baru Dorfusu: A spell similar to Bao Zakerga, but is powered by Zatch's friends. Only used in the first movie. (Attack)
  • Zakeruzemu: Charges anything it his with electricity, when hit with an electrical attack, it explodes. (Attack)

First appearance in anime: Episode one

Episode appearances: 1-120+

First appearance in manga: Chapter one, Volume One

Japanese Voice actors: Gash -- Ikue Otani, Kiyomaro -- Takahiro Sakurai Ikue Otani is best known internationally as the voice of Pikachu on Pokémon, as shown on the credential for Seattle, Washingtons SakuraCon 2005, where she appeared. ... Takahiro Sakurai (櫻• ­宏 Sakurai Takahiro, born June 13, 1974) is a seiyū who was born in Aichi. ...

English Voice actors: Zatch -- Debi Derryberry, Kiyo -- Jason Spisak Debi Derryberry is an American voice actress known most for her work as the voice of Jimmy Neutron on the Nickelodeon Network series, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. ... Jason Spisak is the co-leader of The Symphony OS Project. ...



Suzy Mizuno, known in Japan as Suzume Mizuno (水野鈴芽 Mizuno Suzume) [1] is a fellow classmate of Kiyo Takamine. Suzy is one of Kiyomaro's first (and only) friends. She also has a not-so-secret crush on him. She is a self proclaimed klutz near that of Usagi Tsukino of Sailor Moon, and she freely admits that she has trouble with various academic subjects. Her favorite hobby is to draw faces on fruits. She also is in the chorus club. Usagi Tsukino (œˆ‡Ž†•Ž Tsukino Usagi), also known as Sailor Moon, is the main and title character of the anime and manga Sailor Moon, and the de jure leader of the group known as the Sailor Senshi. ... Sailor Moon (in full, Ž‘女ˆ士‚ƒƒƒƒ ƒƒ, Bishōjo Senshi S“rā Mūn, literally Beautiful young girl soldier Sailor Moon) is the title of a famous series originally authored as a manga by Naoko Takeuchi that resulted in multiple other types of media, including anime, musical theatre, video games and recently tokusatsu...

In the English version of the series, Suzy is voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey. In the Japanese version, Suzume is voiced by Tomoko Akiya.

>>>>kiyo's friends<<<<


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Naomi [2] is Zatch's biggest challenger off of the demonic battlefield. Her main goals in life seem to be preventing Zatch from making friends, beating up on Zatch, and basically causing as much emotional and physical pain as possible for the little demon. Yet, despite the seemingly endless list of evil qualities, Naomi does seem to have a few redeeming values deep down inside.

Naomi first appears in episode 4. In the English version of the series, she is voiced by Michelle Ruff. In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Shihomi Mizoaki.

>>>>Tia and Megumi<<<<

Japanese names: Tio and Megumi Ooumi

Spellbook color: Orange

Spell power: Defense and Healing

  • Seoshi: Energy barrier that blocks attacks that come from above ground. (Defense)
  • Saisu: Shoots a flying blade of fire, very weak. (Attack)
  • Ma Seshield: Circle shaped shield that blocks frontal attacks. (Defense)
  • Giga Seoshi: A capsule-like barrier that traps opponents and reflects attacks. (Immobilization)
  • Saifojio: A sword that heals all targets it hits. (Assist)
  • Chaziru Saifodon: Similar to Saifojio in appearance which is powered by Tia's anger. This spell hurts instead of heals. The more angry she is, the more it hurts the opponent. (Attack) (Used first time in episode 121)

First appearance in anime: Episode 14

Episode appearances: 14-15,18, 21, 23, 28-30, 40, 55-60, 66-74, 76, 79-84, 86, 88-89, 91-92, 104, 112, 118-119

Japanese voice actors: Tio -- Rie Kugimiya, Megumi -- Ai Maeda Maeda Ai (‰” „›) is a seiyu who was born on April 19, 1975 in Kobe, Japan. ...

English voice actors: Tia -- Melissa Fahn, Megumi -- Kate Higgins Melissa Fahn is a voice actor known primarily for her work in anime dubs and other mainstream cartoons. ...

>>>>folgore and kanchome<<<<

Japanese names: Kyanchom and Parco Folgore

Spellbook color: Yellow

Spell power: Transformation

  • Poruk: Enable this mamodo to change its form, though not effective. (Transformation)
  • Koporuk: Shrinks the mamodo's body but retains their physical attributes. (Transformation)
  • Dika Poruk: Makes illusion of giant Kanchome, but actual Kanchome is still original size and strength. (Transformation)

First appearance in anime: 11

Episode appearances: 11, 18-20, 40-41, 48, 58-60, 66-74, 76-84, 86, 88-89, 92, 100, 112

Japanese voice actors:Kanchom -- Masami Kikuchi, Parco Folgore -- Hiroki Takahashi Hiroki Takahashi (高橋 広樹 Takahashi Hiroki) is a seiyū whose birthday is September 7. ...

English voice actors: Kanchom -- Richard Steven Horvitz, Parco Folgore -- Dave Wittenberg

>>>>brago and sherry<<<<

Japanese names: Brago and Sherrie Bellmond

Spellbook color: Black

Spell power: Gravity

  • Reis: Shoots a ball of gravity from his hand. (Attack)
  • Gravi Rei: Gravity is increased in one area, flattening an opponent. (Immobilization)
  • Gigano Reis: More powerful version of Reis. (Attack)
  • Ion Gravi Rei: A beam of dark matter is shot over a high radius. (Attack)
  • Rioru Reis: Orb of dark matter is fired from both hands. (Attack)
  • Bidomu Gravi Rei: A more powerful version of Ion Gravi Rei. (Attack)
  • Baburuga Gurabidon: More powerful version of Gravi Rei. (Immobilization)
  • Dioga Gravi Rei: Most powerful version of Ion Gravi Rei. (Attack)
  • Oruga Reis: Shoots a powerful beam of concentrated gravity. (Attack)

First appearance in anime: Episode 1

Episode appearances: 1, 4-5, 12, 47-48, 51, 56-60, 66-69, 73, 76-77, 79-88, 93-98

Japanese voice actors: Brago -- Kazunari Kojima, Sherry -- Fumiki Orikasa

English voice actors: Brago -- Wally Wingert, Sherry -- Saffron Henderson Wally Wingert (born 6 May 1961 in Des Moines, Iowa) is an American actor and voice actor. ... Saffron Henderson is a Canadian voice actor. ...

>>>>zeno and dufort<<<<

Japanese names: Zeon and Dufaux

Spellbook color: Silver

Spell power: Lightning

  • Zaker: A straight-out lightning attack that is fired from the hand. (Attack)
  • Zakerga: A concentrated beam of lightning is fired from his palm. (Attack)
  • Teozaker: A more powerful version of Zaker. (Attack)
  • Jiuro Zakerga: Powerful electric shock is fired from multiple directions. (Attack)

First appearance in anime: Zeon: Episode 20, Dufaux: Episode 21

Episode appearances: 20-21, 42, 102

Japanese voice actors: Zeon -- Urara Takano Dufaux: Hikaru Midorikawa

English voice actors: Zeon -- Debi Derryberry Debi Derryberry is an American voice actress known most for her work as the voice of Jimmy Neutron on the Nickelodeon Network series, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. ...

>>>>Hyde and Eido Kubozuka<<<<

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Japanese names: Haido and Eita Kobozuka

Spellbook color: Light Blue

Spell power: Wind

  • Jikir: Creates a gust of air with whisps of green to attack the opponent. (Attack)
  • Jikirga: A strong shot of highly pressured wind (Attack)

First appearance in anime: Episode one

Episode appearances: 1, 13-14,

Japanese Voice actors: Hyde -- Megumi Urawa, Eita -- Hiroshi Kamiya

English Voice actors: Hyde -- Michelle Ruff, Eido -- Robbie Rist

>>>>zofis and koko<<<<

Japanese names: Zophise and Koko

Spellbook color: Dark Red-Purple

Spell power: Psychic

  • Radom: An explosive ball is fired from the hand. (Attack)
  • Teoradom: Explosive balls rain from the sky. (Attack)
  • Londo Radom: An energy whip that explodes on contact. (Attack)
  • Gigano Radom: More powerful version of Radom. (Attack)
  • Gigarado Shield: A flaming shield appears around Zofis. (Defense)
  • Dioga Teoradom: A more powerful version od Teoradom. (Attack)
  • Oruga Radom: A more powerful version of Gigano Radom that can be manipulated into other forms. (Attack)
  • Digan Radom: Most powerful version of Gigano Radom. (Attack)

First appearance in anime: Koko: Episode 5, Zofis: Episode 12

Episode appearances: 12, 48, 51, 53-55, 57-59, 66-73, 76-88

Book burned: Episode 88

Japanese voice actors: Zophis -- Toshiko Fukita, Koko -- Chinami Nishimura

English voice actors: Zofis -- Susan Silo, Coco -- Lara Jill Miller

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